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Local craftsman carving wood


Our villa estate is nestled in the serene rural area of Gurubebila, where it sits on the grounds of a historic cinnamon and pineapple plantation. When we set out to design and construct this property, our priority was to preserve the natural landscape and respect the environment. To bring our vision to life, we partnered with an interior design firm based in Singapore to collaborate with our general contractor in Sri Lanka, ensuring that every detail of the ambiance and architecture was carefully considered.

Inspired by the golden era of Dutch and British colonial times, our property boasts a vintage look with eco-chic choices and modern touches. We worked closely with local craftsmen, workers, manufacturers, and contractors throughout the construction and decoration process. From the elegant veranda pillars built using traditional techniques, to the elaborately crafted roofs, windows, and doors made from indigenous woods like teak, nadun, and mahogany, every element of our property exudes timeless elegance.

The pathways and doorsteps are made of solid granite stones handpicked and bush-hammered in the nearby town of Weligama. The beautiful tiles in our bathrooms were handmade by skilled craftsmen from the Colombo area, using cement, natural pigments, mineral dust, and sand. We also sourced sustainable home textiles from local brands dedicated to providing dignified home-based employment for skilled artisans, many of whom are women. Our large ceiling chandeliers were purchased from a second-generation family-owned lighting company in Colombo.

Our luxuriant garden is home to verdant tropical jack-fruit, mango, and wood-apple trees that overlook a lush infinity paddy field. During the initial survey, we identified more than twenty tree species on site and successfully preserved eighty percent of them with the help of our general contractor. After completing the building project, we re-planted indigenous trees and shrubs such as palm trees and cinnamon bushes that act as natural mosquito repellent while also helping to strengthen the ground and retain water.

Green cushions in deluxe bedroom
Main roof
Making rattan chairs
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