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The refreshing jungle pool


Our  local team has a passion for service and wellness.  From the moment you arrive, they will make sure you experience a unique and blissful time at  plantation.  Spend time in the luxuriant garden, dip in the refreshing jungle pool, recharge with the healthiest breakfast after a morning surf or exercise, discover local vegetable combinations, and finally enjoy a detoxifying cocktail (or not) on the front porch while admiring the sunset light on the paddy field.  Disconnect from the world, and reconnect with partners, family, friends and most importantly yourself.  Everything you need is there for you.   


Local, continental or English breakfast included with all rooms.


Escape in the luxuriant and sensory garden that surrounds the property.


Relax and cool-down in our 18-meter jungle swimming pool.

Free Wifi

Keep in touch with your friends to remind them of all the fun you're having.


Use nature-friendly products and practices.

Dinning Service

Enjoy seafood BBQ's and a selection of Western and Asian dishes. 

Airport Pick-Up

Airport pick-up and drop-off included for stays over 15 nights.

Yoga and Massages

Meditate, exercise or enjoy an Ayurvedic treatment in our yoga shala for stress relief.

Eco Commitment

Live in harmony with nature, value natural ressources and limit your carbon footprint.

Nearby beach
Jumping blue whale
Sunset on paddy fields
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