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Welcome to  ​plantation ​ by Sandokan Properties. We hope you will enjoy your holiday at ​plantation​. To make your stay as comfortable as possible we have put together this information booklet to help you find your way around the house and the local area. The house is a holiday house, and runs as such. The Villa Manager and his team will endeavour to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, but keep in mind that you are in Sri Lanka, it is a new adventure everyday and things can go amiss (power and water cuts).


Our team

The team is based at the property for your day-to-day needs.  The Villa Manager looks after all things in the house. He will coordinate the villa’s life so you do not have to worry about anything. House chef will prepare your breakfast and our housekeeping team is responsible for cleaning activities. Their hours generally cover from 7am to 7pm.

The security at night is ensured by our Night Watchman, who will be patrolling the communal areas of the property. He is responsible for opening and closing the gate, and although generally not needed, is a security guard at night. He is at the house from 7pm to 7am.

Please make sure that you treat the villa staff with empathy, and do not hesitate to approach the villa manager for any queries. Issues can always be best addressed kindly.

Guest services

As much as we can we help our staff with their professional and personal developments. We do our best to give them opportunities to train, and we interest them in the operations of the property. They are incentivized if the property is doing well. If you appreciated the services they delivered during your stay, it will be a great reward and encouragement to receive a tip directly from our guests as a token of appreciation. This is not compulsory and there is no recommended amount. Entirely up to you !

House rules

Our home is your home. In order to have fabulous holiday at ​plantation there are a few rules, which we would appreciate you being to respect:

  • Pool safety — our pool is unfenced and children should always be monitored at all times around the pool.

  • No smoking inside the house — there are ashtrays provided and you are welcome to smoke in the garden and outside the house. Please ensure you dispose of cigarette ends properly. Do not throw them in the garden or on the floor.

  • Please refrain from moving furniture or taking any indoor furniture outside.

  • Water preservation — Water is a scarce resource and you should keep that in mind.

  • Pets are not permitted at our property. If you see dogs, cats, monkeys or lizards in the garden or at the beach they are stray or wild animals. Do not feed them or they turn into pests.

  • Children — our staff will ensure our younger guests enjoy their stay as well, however note that they cannot be responsible for watching children around the pool or babysitting.


For all the rest, better ask and be safe than sorry.

House Facilities


All houses are covered with free Wi-Fi. However remember that this is subject to the main service provider signal, the electricity running, the weather... The login details will be given upon arrival.  Keep in mind that the bandwidth is limited, and may not be as fast as your home country. You are on vacation, take the opportunity to disconnect, or just check emails or social networks, but refrain from downloading the entire Netflix library.


Meals - Breakfast

Breakfast is complimentary and consists of a fresh fruit platter, coffee or tea, butter, jam, toast and eggs. Please let our chef know how you would like your eggs served (i.e. scrambled, sunny side up, fried...).

A typical Sri Lankan breakfast is also available, but please advise the team before 4pm one day before so they have enough time to organise it (e.g. pol sambol, eggs, string hoppers, coconut roti...).

Breakfast is served between 8am and 10:30am. Please let the team know about the time you would like your breakfast to be served. If you would like to have your breakfast at another time, please inform our Villa Manager.


Meals - Lunch / Dinner

Lunch and dinner services are available but not included in the accommodation fare. Discuss with the Villa Manager for snacks, lunches and dinners and let our staff know what you select. Our Villa Manager will estimate the cost upfront and tell you how much they need to buy the items. After they return they will return the change with the necessary receipts. If you intend to have multiple meals you may elect to leave the change to the team to manage. They will advise you when the kitty runs out. Note that there will be a cooking charge for each service (i.e. 10 USD for 2-4 people, 20 USD for up to 4-6 people and 30 USD for up to 12 people). If you have booked the whole property the cooking charge will be waived*, and you will only pay for the grocery..

Seafood prices fluctuate based on the day’s catch and season. Verify with our Villa Manager before you confirm any order. In addition, note that alcohol, fish and meat products are not available on Poya days (full moon days).

Any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please inform our Villa Manager



All bed sheets and laundry items are managed by an external professional supplier. Unless otherwise required, we will change the bed sheets every 5 days. This is how we contribute to saving water and limit our use of detergents.

We have a washing-machine and dryer for guests who would like to wash a few items. There will be a washing fee of 5 USD for each load (up to 8 kg). If you have booked the whole property the washing charge will be waived*.

We also source eco-friendly and organic soaps. Approach the staff if you would like to purchase some as a souvenir.


Services and House Supplies

Airport Pick-up — It takes about 2.5 hours from ​Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo airport) to reach the villa. If you have your own driver you can provide him with the instructions found on our website. We can also arrange an airport pick-up with a trusted driver who knows his way to the villa. The airport pick-up charge is about USD 70 one way. If you have booked the whole property this charge will be waived*.

Yoga / Massage — We have selected several trusted and experienced yoga instructors and massage therapists. Sessions can be organized on request at the villa. Make sure you confirm the booking at least 1 day prior. Price will be confirmed at the time of booking.

Mosquito coils/bug spray & candles — Beds are equipped with mosquito nets and there are electric repellent systems in each room. In addition, the garden cinnamon bushes are a natural mosquito repellent. However, if you need extra mosquito protection ask our Villa Manager.

Water — Keep in mind that we are running on well-water, and although it is fine to use what you need, remember that you save 6 liters of water a minute when you turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, and 17 liters for a shower that lasts one minute shorter.


Electricity / Air Conditioning — Like for water we are trying to reduce our CO2 footprint. Feel free to use the air conditioning in the bedrooms, but when doing so please keep the doors closed, and remember to turn them off when you leave the room.


First Aid Kit — There is a first aid kit available in the laundry room if needed. In case of emergency, please ask our Villa Manager to access it. We have listed a doctors’ number in the Emergency/ Contact section. Make sure you mention what you need so we can refill the box for the next guests.


Safe — Each villa is equipped with a safety box that you can use to store your traveling documents or other valuables. Ask the Villa Manager to show you the instructions if you are unfamiliar with operating it.


Children — We love children, so be mindful that our pool is unfenced, and that you need to monitor children at all times. A baby cot and a high-chair can be arranged for our young guests (please notify us ahead of your stay). If you need the assistance of a baby-sitter, the Villa Manager will help find someone suitable depending on the children’s ages. Fare will be confirmed at the time of booking.

* A minimum booking of 7 days is required for the waiver to apply. Price is informative and will fluctuate based on gas price and car size.

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